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February 06 2018

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sort of. 

January 31 2018

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Hey everyone! I love you ❤ so I made you some valentines! Click here to get your free, downloadable Liz Climo Valentines! Print out as many as you’d like, cut them out, give them to friends, keep them for yourself, make a little house out of them.. whatever floats your love boat! (Note - there are two files, front and back, and are meant to be double-sided. For best results, print on card stock - I did that at my local print shop, and they turned out great!) ❤ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

January 23 2018

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January 01 2018

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Happy New Year! The cookie’s are done. 

December 24 2017

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November 22 2017

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can we start eating now 

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My shop is up & I’m having a SALE for black Friday! Click to shop!

November 08 2017

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Wednesday Wisdom 

October 30 2017

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Happy Halloween 

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October 27 2017

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we’re gonna need a bigger boat. 

October 25 2017

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October 24 2017

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horror stories for dogs

October 19 2017

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October 17 2017

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Reposted bycutiemark cutiemark
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My 2018 desk and wall calendars are in stock NOW! The 2016 & 2017 ones ran out fast - so get yours! 👊

October 10 2017

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My new book is out today! For info on where to buy, click here! For worldwide shipping, check Book Depository! 

October 06 2017

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CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Well, actually, it’s sort of around the corner, up a couple hills, around another corner, down a hill, etc. BUT, my Christmas book release is definitely just around the corner - it comes out next week! Cross that holiday list off early with this happy little Christmas tale. Makes a great stocking stuffer, if your stocking is shaped like a picture book.

For info on where to buy, click here! (Also, order at Target & get a free calendar! International orders, try Book depository)

Here are some nice things people have said about it:

“Simple but satisfying, with the caring…theme of enjoying the holiday with friends and family."―Kirkus Reviews

"The delights are in the details in Rory the dinosaur’s third picture book…. A total charmer."―Publishers Weekly

"An appealing read-aloud that will have fans of Rory and his dad celebrating."―School Library Journal

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works for me 

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